Production Sale

49th Annual Production Sale, 1:00pm on December 1st 2017 at the Ranch, Irvine, Alberta.

Welcome to the 49th Annual Production Sale. A big thank you to all the buyers and bidders that have expressed interest in our programs. As with every year, Mother Nature makes things interesting. The spring showed much promise but when the heat came it was very relentless. The hardiness of the Hereford cattle showed their true colors by doing a great job on their calves while maintaining body condition going into winter. As always we are committed to raising cattle for the commercial industry. We hope as you analyze the cattle in the offering, you will find fresh genetics to move your programs forward during these good times in the industry. On behalf of everyone at the BBSF and BAR-RZ outfits. We hope you can join us on December 1st.


Herd Health:

The 2017 calves received Pfizer One Shot and Vision 7 in the spring as well as a booster in the fall. All sale cattle were treated with Iveron in the fall. The bred heifers were pregnancy examined on August 25th.


2017 Hereford EPD Averages
  • CE +1.4
  • BW +3.1
  • WW +50.0
  • YW +80.0
  • MILK +22.0
  • TM +46.0


Sale Day Phones

403-502-5626 – Blaine (cell)
403-580-9363 – Glenn (cell)

Sale Staff

Auctioneer: Bob Balog – 403-320-1980
Ring Service: Louis Balog – 403-331-0611
Sale Contact: Brad Dubeau: 403-512-2235

CDN Farm Ins. Maureen Balog: 403-320-1980