Production Sale

52nd Annual Production Sale, 1:00pm on January 28th 2021 at the Ranch, Irvine, Alberta.

Welcome to the 52nd annual Production Sale. A big thank you to all the buyers and bidders that have expressed interest in our program. We experienced another typical year in Southeast Alberta – dry…. however timely rains in May/June made it possible to put up ample feed a little easier. Would have been nice to grow some grass, but I guess we will survive another year.

As I take a look at the sale offering, I see as uniform a group as we have ever offered. We feel there is loads of muscle expression, length, depth and pigment in the sale offering. The bull calves are young however don’t let their ages deter you. They have tons of potential! Our purebred herd is run as close to a commercial operation as possible so they can perform under all types of management. The yearling bulls and heifers run out on grass from end of May to sometime in August before preparing them for the sale. The bull calves were weaned on September 15th. Buy with confidence as there are cattle in the offering that will move your programs forward and add value to your end product.

As current conditions are definitely different, we hope you will still join us on January 28th. We will be following current AHS policies that day and will ensure everyone stays healthy! However if you feel uncomfortable attending, the sale will once again be broadcasted live on DLMS as well as a very competent sales team is available to assist. Cattle can be viewed any time prior to the sale. In addition we are just a phone call away, please reach out to any one of us or at Bar-RZ if you have any questions about the sale.

Join us on January 28th.


Herd Health:

SPRING 2020 – Pfizer One Shot & Vision 7
FALL 2020 – Booster & Ivomec
AUGUST 28th, 2020 – Bred heifers pregnancy examined


2018 Hereford EPD Averages
  • CE +2.2
  • BW +3.0
  • WW +51.1
  • YW +82.4
  • MILK +23.5
  • TM +49


Sale Day Phones

403-834-2262 – House
403-502-5626 – Blaine (cell)
403-878-7141 – Nicona (cell)
403-580-9363 – Glenn (cell)

Sale Staff

Auctioneer: Bob Balog – 403-320-1980
Ring Service: Louis Balog – 403-331-0611
Sale Contact: Brad Dubeau: 403-512-2235

CDN Farm Ins. Maureen Balog: 403-320-1980